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Feeling pretty meh.

Found out today that while I'm still going to be a permanent employee, the marketing pos is only assured for 12 months. After that, if the chick I'm filling in for wantsher job back full time, I'll be offered the position I'm doing now. I told my manager and the HR manager that if that happens, I will take it, but I will immediately start looking for other work. They seemed fine with that. I think they've both had instruction from higher up that I'm not to be given a permanent role in the team until closer to the end of the 12 months, when certain variables have been nailed down.

Last dentist app this weekend. $800 and I'm done.
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Where can you see gay parents?

Altruistic surrogacy bill passes with rights for same sex and single parents intact

Well, thank fuck for that. +1 Faith In Elected Officials point. I've been fuming ever since I heard Ray Hopper's comments, and I'd like to point out a couple of things:

- Gay parents will treat children like pets? Er, no. Your sexuality does not define your fitness to be a parent. Also, you cannot crate children for air travel, no matter how much I wish it were possible.

- How will two mothers take their young son to the bathroom on a family outing? Well gosh, I don't know. Perhaps the same way any straight woman who is out with her young son without her male partner would handle it: by taking him into the ladies' toilet. It's more likely than you think.
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What are those orange hard crack toffee lolly things that taste kind of spicy and people suck on them when they're fasting and I associate them with old people because my great/grand relatives always seemed to have them on hand? please, this has been bugging me all day

ETA: Stand down, and thankyou. It was barley sugar I've been trying to think of. Anyhoo, that's what the Lush Whoosh temple balm reminds me of after it's soaked into my skin for a few hours.
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Two things happened today.

1. One of my friends announced he is a furry

2. I found emails from a dead man in my inbox.

These are both new experiences (though to be fair, the emails have been there for a while, sent while he was alive...and now I'm finding it really hard to delete them).
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I love the smell of Porridge in the shower.

I hobbled up the street to the chemist, little inarticulate squeaks escaping me whenever an unnoticed dip in the pavement caused me to put more weight than was comfortable on my injured ankle. But no matter. I'm now securely wrapped in a heavy crepe bandage, with instructions to take it easy and tape my ankle for any sports in the next few weeks.

I found a lump of Porridge soap in my bathroom last night, which was a deeply pleasing surprise. I shall now go and take a long, sweet shower, and possible give myself a warm Comforter foot bath afterwards.
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Good day or bad?

Let's tally the points and see how it turns out.

-Was lady of leisure for much of the day (Good)
-Burned my tofu at lunch (Bad)
-Won netball (Good)
-Twisted my right ankle (BAD! That's my sewing-machine-pedal foot!)

So it's a technical tie, but I think the good is better than the bad. I just wish I could find my strapping tape. I know it's here somewhere. Maybe it's at the bottom of this bag of Reese's Pieces. Only one way to find out...