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That's what she said

wonderment for everything
7 December 1986
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I like traffic lights.
I like traffic lights.
I like traffic lights
No matter where they've been.

My various thoughts abide here. Mostly whiny, sometimes cheery, always geeky. Various filters exist, but they're underused. If you friend me, you'll get most of the gossip, but the heavier filters are Totes Secret and rarely have people added to them.

I'm a twenty-something girl in a monogamous relationship with a boy(duplicate_helix). I'm a geek, a sewer, a customiser of ponies, a watcher of DVDs, a paladin, a zombie, a (poor) housewife, a filemonkey, a coffee-snob, a vegetarian lacto-ovo-pescatarian. If none of that appeals to you, you'll probably not find anything here that interests you.